Mizuno Women’s Prime SE Softball Batting Gloves, Medium, White

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Developed with gender-engineered sizing that’s optimized for the female athlete, the 2020 Mizuno® Prime SE Fastpitch Batting Gloves are dedicated to softball players at the top of the game who need consistent comfort and performance at the plate. These gloves are outfitted with a premium leather palm for exceptional grip and durability, and also utilize FlexMesh™ backing that accelerates breathability and maximizes mobility. Superior Feel and Comfort: Premium Leather Palm: Top-quality material maximizes comfort while enhancing durability FlexMesh™ Integration: Features throughout the back of the gloves to increase flexibility and breathability QuikAdjust™ Strap: Hook-and-loop system provides an adjustable fit to match your measurements Gender Engineered: Strategically optimized for the female softball player

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