Mizuno Intermediate Samurai Catcher’s Set 2020, Blue

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Developed for the serious backstop that demands elite performance, the 2020 Mizuno® Samurai Catcher’s Set integrates high quality materials that’s optimized to ensure superior protection and mobility behind home plate. This set features a supportive helmet that has 3 layers of EVA foam padding to absorb potential impact, a chest protector with a grippy surface to keep balls in front of you, and leg guards with innovative K-Padding to maximize comfort. Helmet Features: Strategic Ventilation: Accelerates airflow for comfort and breathability EVA Foam Padding: 3 layers of internal padding cushions potential impact to keep you protected Strong steel framed mask for maximum protection and durability Adjustable jaw pads provide moisture control and deliver a softer feel SEI-Certified: Product meets NOCSAE® Applicable Standard Fits Hat Sizes 7-1/4 – 7-5/8 Chest Protector Features: Low Rebound Foam: Helps manage impact absorption without deflecting balls out of your fielding range Grippy Surface: Helps keep balls in front of you to keep the base paths clear SEI-Certified: Product meets NOCSAE® Applicable Standard Size: Intermediate (15”) Leg Guard Features: K-Padding: Patented innovation for superior comfort and knee protection Triple Knee Cup construction Size: Intermediate (15.5”) Additional Details: Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-year limited

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