Marucci Oxbow 11.75 Baseball Glove: MFG2OX44A6 Right Hand Thrower

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Marucci Oxbow 11.75 Baseball Glove: MFG2OX44A6Versatile enough to play at a number of positions the Marucci Oxbow 11.75 Baseball Glove needs to be at the top of your list!Glove BenefitsMarucci s Oxbow gloves are designed for young ballplayers that have advanced through the first stages of their baseball career and outgrown their childhood gloves. The gloves are constructed from full-grain cowhide leather that will be of high quality. However the softness is going to be apparent right when you put the glove on your hand. With an Oxbow glove you won t be looking at a very tough break-in. The cosmetics were certainly not ignored by Marucci with the additions of red lacing and black binding that contrast well off the camel leather shell and really make the Oxbow gloves pop!This 11.75 model offers tremendous versatility for use all over the infield. The modified T-web will make it a solid choice for use on the mound. Also it can pick everything at 3B or SS.WarrantyMarucci knows that it takes dedication to grow a consistent base of customers! And although they don’t list a specific warranty period on their gloves Marucci will be happy to take a look at situations where their gloves have taken on some excessive damage. Reach out to the JustGloves Glove Experts if you bought this glove from us and feel that you have a warranty issue with it. The Experts will get you the information to reach out to Marucci to possibly begin the warranty replacement process.

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