Louisville Slugger 14” TPS Series Slow Pitch Glove 2020

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Boasting top-of-the-line performance with premium grade leather that?s from one of the world?s finest tanneries, the 2020 Louisville Slugger TPS Series Slow Pitch Gloves are thoroughly tested to hold up against the rigors of each season while you make game-saving plays on the field. This 14?? model is outfitted with a Dual Post Web, a staple for Slow Pitch players so they can jump from a variety of field positions with ease.Premium Slow Pitch Performance: Top Shelf Leather: Premium grade ball glove leather from the one of the world?s finest tanneries delivers heavy-duty, long-lasting performancePro Grade Sub-Materials: All components are tested and certified by Slugger?s R&D team to maximize performanceDrawstring Closure: Adjustable design allows players to find an ideal fit that matches their measurements

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