Louisville Slugger 11.25″ American Crafted Evolution Series Baseball Glove, Right Hand Throw

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Made In America What Does It Mean To Say A Product Is “Made In America” There Was A Time When It Meant Something Special A Time When A Product With That Designation Was Held In High Regard A Time When American Craftsmanship Was A Source Of Pride And With Our American Crafted Series Of Gloves, Those Times Are Backwe Dont Go All Over The World To Source The Best Materials, Because Theyre Right Here In America We Bring In The Best Steer And Buffalo Hides From Wisconsin The Highestquality Laces From Texas And Pennsylvania And We Combine It All To Craft Each Glove By Hand In America What You Get Is More Than Just A Glove Its A Fullycustomizable, Handcrafted Tribute To Americas Pastime Thats Built To Stand The Test Of Competition And Time Is It The Easiest Method Maybe Not Is It Better You Bet And Here, We Wouldnt Have It Any Other Waythe American Crafted Series Made By Hand In The New Americathe American Crafted Series Ball Gloves Are Designed And Built In The United States With Exclusively American Materials Sure, This Is Against The Grain In Todays Glove Market But We Believe This Is The Path To Quality Our Commitment Is To Making Players Great Through Tireless Effort, Enduring Quality And Superior ProductsSKU:SPORTB0093JNT98

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