Kare-N-Herbs Energy Kare 180 mg – 40 Tablets

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Promotes Natural Energy. Standardized Extract. Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Natural, Water Soluble, Fast Acting, Non-Habit Forming, Lab-Tested for Potency & Purity. 40 Tablet Bonus Pack = 4 Free Tablets. Energy Kare is produced from a standardized extract of the herbal plant Rhodiola rosea. The adaptogenic qualities of this herb have been recognized for centuries throughout Europe and Asia as helpful in promoting energy, stamina and mental acuity. The main bioactive components of Rhodiola rosea, rosavins and salidrosides, are extracted from the plant’s roots. Kare-N-Herbs was the first to make this product available in the United States. For over 25 years Kare-N-Herbs has been dedicated to sourcing carefully harvested, crafted from the wild, adaptogenic herbs from its suppliers in Asia and around the world to formulate these high quality health products. All Natural Vegetarian Gluten Free Water Soluble Ayurvedic Purity Tested

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