JUGS BP1 Baseball Pitching Machine, pearl

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Now reaching a top speed of 70 mph, the JUGS® BP1 Baseball Pitching Machine continues to elevate your level of play on the offensive and defensive sides of the game. Compatible with a variety of different baseballs, tennis balls, and exclusive JUGS balls, the BP1 also features a digital readout display to always set the speed of pitches to your exact preference. Select Your Pitch: Always See the Ball™ delivery system allows hitters to track the ball in Swivel-design base provides 360-degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups and ground balls Great for offensive or defensive drills-Change speeds while practicing advanced outfield drills Game-like batting practice maximizes training sessions Digital readout display panel Realistic delivery height has a true downward angle just like a pitcher Easy Set-Up: Removable legs allows you to conveniently load the machine into the trunk of your car Includes special non-marking pneumatic tire Specs: Pitch Speed Range : Up to 70 mph Machine Weight : 75 lbs Type of Ball : Lite-Flite Baseballs, SOFTIE Baseballs, JUGS Pearl Baseballs, JUGS BULLDOG™ Baseballs, Dimpled and Seamed Sting-Free Baseballs, Tennis Balls, and standard Baseballs Power Source : 110-volt AC, Powerhorse Portable Generator-2000 or Complete Practice Battery Pack Additional Details: Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years

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