Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews Cherry Blossom 12 Packs

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Fuel Made simple. USDA Organic. With Vitamin C. Certified Gluten Free Dairy Free. . BikeSkiWrestleFishBull RideClimbLiftSurfSplitwoodRideSting. In 1954, beekeeper Ralph Gamber and his wife Luella created the EN-R-G Bar as a healthy snack. They also introduced “quick energy” packets of honey. Fifty years later, Honey Stinger was founded by a group including their son and grandson. Our goal is simple; provide great tasting, honey-based energy foods made with natural ingredients. We think Ralph and Luella would be proud of our products and we know you’ll like them too. The Crew at Honey Stinger. We make our energy chews from the finest ingredients. 60 mg of Vitamin C and 39 g of carbohydrates per 50 g packet. Sting or Bee Stung!

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