Heater Pitching Machine Baseballs – 12 Pack

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The Heater® Pitching Machine Baseballs are designed to pitch with pinpoint accuracy when used with the Heater Combo, Pro, 4-in-1, and Junior pitching machines. Perfectly molded at the factory, Heater baseballs are the world’s most accurate pitching machine baseballs. This dozen of Heater® Pitching Machine Baseballs is recommended for ages 8 and up and includes a 30-day manufacturer’s money-back guarantee. FEATURES: Pitching machine baseballs for hitting training Recommended ball for most Heater® brand pitching machines Made from durable polyurethane for extended ball life Designed to release with pinpoint accuracy out of the machine//LI> Recommended for ages 8 and up Includes 12 pitching machine baseballs per purchase 30-day manufacturer’s money-back guarantee Model: HTR29PMB

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