Heater Perfect Pitch 45 Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine, steel

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Incredibly lightweight and requires no electricity to use, the Heater® Perfect Pitch 45 Machine is the latest in training devices that are primed to help bolster your skillset anywhere, at any time. The machine’s versatile design is capable of throwing 9” baseballs, and 11” and 12” softballs, making it great for either sport, and features an adjustable pitch height so you can work on fielding ground balls or line drives in addition to working on your swing. How It Works: Set your desired speed from 15-45 MPH by attaching the heavy-duty spring to the foot pedal Set your pitch height on the throwing arm (ground balls, strikes, or fly balls) Load baseball or softball on the throwing arm Step on the foot pedal to apply spring tension Pull back on the release handle to execute pitch Lightweight, Versatile Design: Heavy-duty, spring powered design eliminates the need for batteries or electricity Includes a Simple Strike Zone Adjustment Knob to fine-tune your strike zone Features height and speed adjustment to simulate a variety of game-time situations Able to throw 9” baseballs, and 11” and 12” softballs Pitches Lite-Balls up to 55 MPH and Real Baseballs 45 MPH Pitches Lite-Softballs up to 55 MPH and Real Softballs 45 MPH Additional Details: Weight: 12 lbs. Designed for players of all ages Also Includes: Steel ground stakes Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-year Parts & Labor

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