Heater Deuce 95 Pitching Machine, Steel

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Two-wheel fastball and breaking ball pitching machine with an auto-ball feeder, the Heater® Deuce 95 Pitching Machine has a Pivot-Head design that allows you to send pitches to the inside, outside and right down the center with ease. Deuce 95 Pitching Machine: Pitches up to 95 mph (real baseballs) or 110 mph (lite baseballs) 12-ball automatic feeder pitches every 10 seconds Dual wheel variable speed control and adjustable height for multiple pitch types Strong steel tubular legs with rubber tips for stability Pitches real baseballs and lite-ball pitching machine balls Additional Details: For ages 8 and up One-year manufacturer parts and labor warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Standard A/C power

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