Heater Combo Pitching Machine Ball Feeder, steel

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Train solo without the need of a coach, parent or teammate using the HTR599BF Automatic Ball Feeder. Compatible with the Heater® Combo Pitching Machine, this ball feeder can throw either softballs or 12 baseballs every 9 seconds and attaches with ease to the HTR599NBF Combo Pitching Machine. This auto baseball/softball feeder attachment also features heavy-duty steel construction to ensure long-lasting use. FEATURES: Automatic ball feeder pitching machine attachment Allows players to train solo without the need of a partner or coach Compatible with the Heater® Combo Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine (#HTR599NBF) Feeder capacity holds 12 baseballs or 9 softballs at once Throws a pitch every 9 seconds Plugs into the pitching machine motor’s end cap Heavy-duty steel frame construction Simple and easy attachment Balls and pitching machine sold separately Recommended for ages 8+ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year (parts and labor) Model: HTR599BF COMPATIBLE BALLS: Real 9″ baseballs Real 11″ Fastpitch softballs Real 11″ Slow Pitch softballs Real 12″ Fastpitch softballs Real 12″ Slow Pitch softballs Regular 11″ pitching machine softballs Regular 12″ pitching machine softballs Sandlot Lite-Ball™ 40 MPH balls Sandlot Lite-Ball™ 60 MPH balls

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