Heater 11� Yellow Dimpled Pitching Machine Softballs

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Designed for use with a variety of Heater® Pitching Machines, including the Combo, Jr., Pro and 4-in-1, the Yellow Dimpled Pitching Machine Softballs are the same size and weight as a regular 11� softball for accurate game day simulation. The Heater® 11� Pitching Machine Softballs are made from durable, molded polyurethane for extended ball life and maximum performance. The bright yellow color locks in a player’s vision and focus. FEATURES: Yellow 11� dimpled pitching machine softballs Same size and weight of a regulation 11� softball for accurate game day simulation Durable polyurethane molded construction for extended ball life Dimpled texture delivers a pitch with pinpoint accuracy Bright yellow color engages a player’s vision and focus Designed for use with the Heater® Combo, Jr., Pro and 4-in-1 pitching machines Includes 12 balls (1 dozen) per purchase Recommended for ages 8+ 30-day manufacturer’s money-back guarantee Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year Model: PMB34 Heater Sports For additional information relating to the Manufacturer’s Warranty, please contact 435-656-1756.

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