Hack Attack Jr. Three Wheel Pitching Machine by Sports Attack

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Hack Attack Junior Three Wheel Pitching Machine For Baseball Or Softball From Sports AttackWith a major league quality and a youth design, theJunior Hack Attack by Sports Attackis thebest three-wheel pitching machineon the market for serious youth players.Control OverEveryPitchThe Junior Hack Attack features a 3 wheel design with the ability to throw fastballs, and right and left handed breaking pitches including curveballs, sliders and split fingers, all at speeds of 70+ MPH. Changing the type of pitch to be thrown is as easy as changing the settings on the speed dials. With three different speed dials, you have unlimited control over the type of pitch being thrown.With a simple turn of the elevation adjustment crank handle, the height of the pitch release point can be raised or lowered. This makes changing the location of the pitch in the strike zone very easy in between pitches.Confidence & QualityBuilt and assembled right here in the USA, you can count on excellent quality from your Hack Attack Jr. pitching machine. Standing on a solid steel frameand backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, the Junior Hack Attack pitching machine will last you many seasons to come!Working The Strike ZoneMake your players truly understand ball movement and timing by changing ball placement and speed on your Hack Attack pitching machine.Effortlessly work the ball around the strike zone withthe inside/ outside adjustment feature.This feature will allow you to center the first pitch without having to awkwardly move the machine or kick out the rear leg.With the dial adjustments and the elevation crank working in tandem, the person operating this machine will easily be able to move the ball around and work the corners of the strike zone, providing the batter with top notch batting practice.

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