Gaia Herbs Single Herbs Kava Kava Root 60 Vegetarian Liquid Phyto-Caps

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Supports Calm and Relaxation. Supports Emotional Well-Being. Kavalactones-225mg. 100% Vegetarian. Dairy Free. No Gluten-Containing Ingredients. Ecologically Harvested from the Island of Vanuatu. Single Herbs. Individual herbs in their vibrant, natural form support each person uniquely. Gaia Herbs’ Single herbs contain concentrated extracts of an individual herb, to deliver nature’s vitality to you. Kava Kava Root. Many systems of the body can be negatively affected by stress. That is why achieving a state of calm and relaxation is so important for optimum wellness. Gaia Herbs’ Kava Kava is a potent herbal extract which helps support emotional balance. Made from ecologically harvested Kava Kava from Vanuatu, it contains a guaranteed 225 mg of active Kavalactones per serving. The Gaia Difference. Liquid potency, easy absorption – Alcohol-free Liquid Phyto-Caps. 100% vegetarian, dairy free, no gluten-containing ingredients – Easily digestible plant-derived capsule. Laboratory tested for purity – Free of heavy-metal toxicity.

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