EvoShield Junior XVT Softball Batting Helmet, Girls’, shell


Ensure your future slugger takes your stance in the box with confidence as they remain comfortable and protected wearing the 2020 EvoShield® Youth XVT™ Batting Helmet w/ Mask. This model of the XVT™ utilizes compression molded foam padding with fully wrapped ear padding to absorb impact while delivering a cushioned feel, and is finished off with a high gloss coat for a sleek look on the field. Dynamic Protection and Fit Compression molded foam padding with fully wrapped ear pads for a sleek, cushioned fit Strategically engineered top venting system accelerates airflow to keep you cool Low profile shell for superior fit Facemask design is optimized for use with 11” softballs or larger Sizing Details: Fits hat sizes 6-1/2 – 7 Additional Details Premium high gloss finish Meets NOCSAE® protection standard

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