Easton Universal Baseball/Softball Batting Helmet Facemask, steel


Continue being a force at the plate this season as you steer clear of errant throws and foul tips by installing the Easton® Universal Baseball/Softball Facemask to your batting helmet. Engineered with high tensile steel wiring for maximum protection, this facemask is NOCSAE®-approved for balls no smaller than 9 inches in circumference to keep you consistently covered. High Strength, Universal Design: High tensile steel wiring provides a rigid cage design to enhance protection Two-point connection system offers secure installation for long-lasting play Acceptable for baseball or softball use Additional Details: Meets NOCSAE® standards for balls no smaller than 9” in circumference Fits all PRO X™, Z5™ 2.0, and Z5™ helmets in Senior and Junior sizes (with exception to XL-sized helmets) Helmet sold separately

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