Akadema Maple Wood Baseball Bat: M629B 31 inch

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Akadema Maple Wood Baseball Bat: M629BAkadema got unique with this maple wood baseball bat as it should feature one of the thickest handles that you ll be able able to find a wood baseball bat!Bat BenefitsThis bat will be built with quality timber as it is cut out of maple wood that was harvested from either upstate New York or the New England region of the United States. As well Akadema cut it in their 629 turn model which features a 2 3/8 inch barrel diameter. And they make that barrel pretty long in length. The barrel will then taper quickly into the really thick handle (1 1/8 inch).Typically a bat with a long barrel like this one will weigh super heavy towards the end. However the thicker handle should allow it to only feel slightly barrel-heavy. Our general hitter recommendation would be for power hitters to swing this bat. However if you have been a contact hitter in the past but are wanting to try and swing a little heavier bat to generate more power this 629 model might not be a bad bat to try!

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